FAB at Walpurgisnacht 2022 – Hausfest Zukunft: Sat, 04/30/22

For this year’s Walpurgisnacht 2022 – Hausfest Zukunft, the Festival of Animation Berlin presents Stefan Vogt’s high & away films (Germany 2020/21). This compilation of short films by Berlin-based animation artist Stefan Vogt is about the secret cohesion of houseplants, octopus arms as thick as a man, saliva threads as long as an arm, glasses lost in a chocolate fountain and other small stories. In just under eight minutes he ignites a firework of ideas and associations that leaves no one cold!

Where, actually?
Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Laskerstraße 5
10245  Berlin

And when exactly?
Saturday, 04/30/2022
The fest starts at 3 pm, open end
The FAB films will be shown in the program of Festiwelt in the open air cinema “Pompeii” from 9 pm.

Where to get tickets?
No tickets here – free entry!