Festival statement

Since more than one week we have a war happening on European ground. All over sudden, our life was turned upside down.

The Festival of Animation Berlin stands in full solidarity with Ukrainian artists, filmmakers and everyone who is suffering this terrible war of the Putin regime. Cities are being bombed and destroyed, civilians are dying. The Russian army is invading the autonomous state Ukraine and besides infrastructure also destroys its architecture, works of art and cultural heritage. We are saddened and shocked by what is being done to the people in Ukraine at this time.

We stand for respect for human life, culture and art in all countries of the world and urge to immediately stop all military actions against Ukraine. We demand immediate peace for Ukraine and proper reaction from internatinal authorities. We stand by the side of the victims of this war and their families.

the team of the
Festival of Animation Berlin

Thanks to the collective: Animators against War collective for letting us share their images. Please have a look, follow their channel and help to promote peace.