German Animation

German Animation Film

The GERMAN ANIMATION competition comprises a selection of the latest German animation films. The winner will be chosen by the jury. The runtime of of the screening is approx. 90 Minutes + Q&A.


A slightly naive paradise bird is going out of his way to attract a mate.

2019 / Germany
Sonja Rohleder
4 min 20 sec
2D Digital Animation

Liebe im Schlamm


A tribute to the unrequited love of Johannes Brahms to Clara Schumann.

2018 / Germany
Petra Stipetic
2 min
2D Digital Animation

One Pair Coat

Jolanda and Hendrik are a couple. They have a very close relationship. Hendrik is her favorite coat to put on. We see a day in their life.

2019 / Germany
Yi Luo
3 min 15 sec
2D Digital Animation

Liebe mich, fürchte mich


What would you be willing to do for them to love you?

2018 / Germany
Veronica Solomon
6 min 06 sec
Stop Motion

Ich will


„I Want“ wants loud colours, rainbow music and a cheeky poem. You can’t always get what you want, but this film can.

2018 / Germany
Anne Isensee
2 min
2D Digital Animation

Die Tochter


They had a normal father-daughter relation. One day she told him to set off for a wedding party in Denmark. But that was a lie. A few months later she started her new life. As the wife of a djihadist living in Syria.

2018 / Germany
Falk Schuster
6 min 32 sec
2D Digital Animation


Akiko Takakura, one of the last remaining survivors of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, tells her life story. She describes how, amidst the terror and nightmares, she found a moment of rare closeness with her father.

2018 / Germany
Anna Samo & André Hörmann
15 min
2D Digital Animation


A boy finds a dead pigeon on the road. He tries to give it the possibility of a last flight.

2018 / Germany
Filippo Letizi
2 min 12 sec
2D Digital Animation

Rules of Play

A group of tired playground visitors meet at night for a last contest. „Rules of Play“ is all about the phenomenon of playing. Today the border between work and play gets smaller and smaller. What happens if nobody questions the rules anymore?

2018 / Germany
Merlin Flügel
7 min 34 sec
2D Digital Animation


Three mysterious stone figures who unabashedly present their vulvas give a mystery to a group of amateur researchers. As they try to understand the whole thing, the mirror reflection of a woman becomes independent and a magical creature breaks through the forest.

2019 / Germany
Alma W. Bär
9 min 47 sec
2D / Stop Motion / Mixed Media

Meister des Lichts


Friendship can even happen in absence.

2019 / Germany
Stefan Vogt
1 min 40 sec
2D Digital Animation


In Tom´s memories of his grandfather´s farm in Blieshow he feels overwhelmed by the exuberance of nature and finds himself in a constant competition with his cousin, who is seemingly better at everything. Envy starts to grow in little Tom. Doing everything to be recognized and loved Tom soon reaches his limits.

2019 / Germany
Christoph Sarow
9 min 38 sec
2D Digital Animation