Eastern European Voices I + II

The Future is Female!


This special programme is dedicated to female filmmakers from Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Some of the filmmakers are students, recent Film School graduates or at the beginning of their journey. Some of them have already made their career in the animation industry or as independent directors. Films in both parts or the programme deal with various topics – from documentary to a poem over love story and dystopia – produced in different animation techniques, each filmic journey is unique and full of surprises. The geographical origin of the directors is only a frame set, the audience will easily forget. We could have filled at least two days of the festival with films made by female Eastern European directors – there are so many brilliant female animators (not only from Eastern Europe of course) out there, who’s voices haven’t been heard or seen yet.

Urania / Humboldt Saal

Friday, 9.10. / 3 p.m.

Sunday, 11.10. / 3 p.m.