Fluid Housing

fluid housing

Nicole Aebersold

Berlin / Dortmund 2019 • 2 Videoprojektoren, 1 Display, 2 Lautsprecher, Screen, Glasscheibe, Nesselstoff • 23 Min.

Mankind and space. Space and mankind. Already one hundred years back during the formation of the Bauhaus movement in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin-based artists and architects have been putting into focus the interdependence between architecture and its users. Nowadays, in times of housing shortage in big cities, our desire for the availability of individual space(s) has become existential.

The dance piece „Fluid Housing“ is based on the idea to build living space digitally – wherever and whenever needed. In the beginning, there is a human being, a dancer. Through his dancing and his acting, he starts creating the space that surrounds him. This space starts to evolve, changes, becomes part of a number of spaces, an architectural building and finally, part of urban structures. Simple white lines become three-dimensional shapes and partly shaded structures. The dancing body on stage starts relating to the spaces that surround him. Every movement of the body influences their shapes and growth. There´s dance in everything!

In this dance piece that has been developed for Ballett Dortmund (choreography: Wubkje Kuindersma, music: Valgeir Sigurðsson) the traditional art of ballet meets a virtual, projected space and three-
dimensional, vivid animation. Reality and illusion merge into a Gesamtkunstwerk as an homage to one hundred years of Bauhaus movement.

The version shown in the exhibition is a 1:20 abridged version of the stage in Dortmund.
The premiere of „Fluid Housing“ took place on Nov. 24 in 2019 at Opera House Dortmund.

Director / Animation: Nicole Aebersold • www.nicoleaebersold.com
Lead Animator / 3D Artist: Holger Bück • 2D Artist: Kornelia Griebel

Live performances of the piece start Nov. 5, 2020. Find more information on  www.theaterdo.de