Collectives are currently celebrating a renaissance – discursively and socio-politically, but also very practically in studios and studios. It’s about time to take a closer look at the phenomenon itself and its relevance for the animation industry. We involve those who know best: The collectives themselves. With TOHU Animation from Jerusalem, Plastic Animation from Viborg in Denmark, monströös from Berlin and COLA Animation from Lisbon/Porto, important representatives of collective work will get together in the AG Animation Film Symposium. Apart from their studios, they will share their creation and production processes and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of collective work. Two interactive games, CO-MIX and Animation Station, will make it practical and hands-on.


Advantages and disadvantages of collectivity.
Presented by Plastic Collective (Viborg / Dänemark)

The taming of a seven-headed monster
Successes and difficulties at work presented by Studio monströös (Berlin)

Even a perfect chaos is something perfect.
Drawing strength and meaning from the community. Presented by TOHU (Jerusalem / Israel)

Fun and struggles of COLAboration
Presentation on the work and structure of an international production cooperative COLA Animation (Lissabon, Porto / Portugal)

FAB presents: She Drew That
The British animation director Jocie Jurtiz gives an insight into her career


Animation in Collectives
Symposium with COLA Animation, monströös, Plastic Collective und TOHU


Morning Sketches
Sketching session with Yali Herbet (TOHU Animation)


Activity: Animation Station
An open collaborative exquisite-corpse with COLA Animation

Activity: CO-MIX
A creative game invented by Stav Levi (TOHU)



No, not just Annecy. Animation simply has a different status in France. Reason enough to celebrate special productions at FAB 2022 that zoom into French animated films. On one hand, there is the worldwide unique compilation of poetry films “En sortant de l’école”, which brings great French poetry to life with animation. And then, there is the feature-length film “Les Hirondelles de Kaboul” by Zabou Breitman and Éléa Gobbé-Mévellec, which was shown at Cannes. In addition to indulgent cinematic pleasures, there will also be practical insights: a panel with Little KMBO and Miyu Distribution will be devoted to the worldwide distribution of animated films.


En sortant de l’école
An original collection of animated poetry films

The Swallows of Kabul
Feature film special, 01:21h, 2D


MIYU and Little KMBO as guests at FAB22
Panel with representatives of various French distributors in France



The war in Ukraine has had its toll on the animation industry as well. At FAB 22, Ukrainan animators are invited to some special stages that celebrates their art: Mykyta Lyskov will present a viral example of “”The Role of Art During the War””, a retrospective programme organized by LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival will take you back to the 80s and 90s of Ukrainian animation, and, to make it even more accessible, the online cinema on filmfriend and Indiekino Club will have selected pieces of contemporary Ukrainian animation available to stream for two weeks.


Groteske Retro Animation
Ukrainian Animation: ’80s-’90s selected works

Online: Indiekino Club and filmfriend
Contemporary Ukrainian Animation


The role of art during the war
Animation against war presented by Mykyta Lyskov