Awardees 2019

Awardees FAB2019

From 27 films in three competition categories, the jury has awarded the best films and given special mentions to outstanding films. The three first prized of 300 Euro were sponsored by our 2019 partners Blumberry, Kiddinx Media GmbH and AG Animationsfilm.


WINNER: Nienke Deutz

Bloeistraat 11



“When we think about innovation, mostly we think about computers, speed and effectivity. In the field of arts we are searching gor uncommon forms of expression. In the case of the film we’ve chosen the pure materiality and the production process alone are unbelievable. But besides that, the film ‘Bloeistraat 11’ by Nienke Deutz is a touching and distantly narrated common story. Without a narrating voice, without dialogue – this film trusts in it’s on rhythm, in the simple clarity of it’s pictures and in the empathy of the audience.”





“The surreal scenario about a protagonist who frees himself from suffocating overprotection, captures the audience in a mixture of empathy and bewilderment. In this masterpiece of directing, design, animation and music unite to compose and eerie but fascinating nightmarish ambiance. This is the reason ‘Flut’ by Malte Stein deserves a special mention.”

German Animation

WINNER: Anna Samo & André Hörmann




“The impact of one of the biggest tragedies of the last century sheds light on a moving personal destiny. With impressive visual power the narration in ‘Obon’ by Anna Samo and André Hörmann oscillates between memories and current time, between horror and resilience. The synergy of all cinematic parts created deep emotional connection and reveals history and animation intertwined in a very poignant way.”


Rules of Play


“The film is showing potentials of animated film, which where a bit hidden in popular reception during the last two or three decades. Animation is not only the perfect simulation of reality, animated films are not only entertaining stories or educating narratives. Through animation we add the dimension of movement and time to the arts of drawing, illustration, painting, sculpture and computer graphics. With his ‘Rules of Play’ Merlin Flügel has created an allusive and virtuosly balanced play with geometrical volumes, with metaphors and symbols, with ambiguity and abstraction.”

Pink Panda

WINNER: Claudia Ruiz

Ailin en la luna


“The everyday life of a kid is not always as in Disney movies. In a sensitive and honest way the film ‘Ailin en la luna’ by Claudia Ruiz displays an afternoon of a mother with her child where dissonances emerge from different expectations of their time spent together. The conflict can be solved and harmony is restored. With its playful and vivid animation ‘Ailin en la luna’ captures audiences if all ages and inspires to dream on.”


Cat Lake City


“The excitement of the children’s audience stated very clearly that the humorus summer fun ‘Cat Lake City’ by Antje Heyn deserves a special mention.”