In Berlin only animation beats reality

Based on a true story

A naked man chasing a boar, a woman marrying the Berlin Wall and a pony in the subway – dyrdee media brought some of Berlin’s craziest true stories to life.

Mrs. Mauer

Did you know that there was a woman (several, actually) that married the Berlin wall? In 1979 Eklöf said yes to the Berlin Wall and became Eija-Riitta Eklöf-Berliner-Mauer.

Boar Chasing

Berlin Grunewald, August 2020: while others sit in their home-offices, a naked man chases after a boar that stole his laptop bag (you can google this).

Ponys in the subway

On your way to work? Maybe you’ll spot a pony today, or a dog, or a unicorn, or all of it in one wagon, who knows? Berlin makes things happen. This one became news in 2012.


Concept, Production, Direction, Animation: dyrdee media GmbH
Creative Director: Ole Keune, Ljubisa Djukic
Producer: Sven Henrichs
2D Animation: Jade Xuan Wu, Konrad Müller
3D Animation: Antonin Moucha, Konrad Müller, Augusto Gabrys

Späti Stories

Three Späti owners told us their craziest true stories and together with three fantastic animation artists and Innocean Berlin, we brought them to life. The Späti owners also were invited to be jury members of the Späti Award, giving a prize to the best Berliner animation.

When two dogs meet

Sinan was only one month old when his family set up Kiez-Späti in Neukölln. 21 years later, Sinan has witnessed many crazy and funny situations in his family’s business but his favorite one happened during Christopher Street Day when a blind man’s guide dog befriended another customer’s pet.

Taking a shower

Since 2018, Koray has been in charge of Spätkauf Minimarkt in Prenzlauer Berg. The hottest days of the year can be quite busy for him, many customers come in search of a refreshing to cool off. On one of those days, a customer came in to cool off in a different way.

The thief

Kemal works at my #meinSpaetkauf on Oranienstraße, one of Berlin’s most popular streets located in the heart of Kreuzberg. Kemal has witnessed many wild things happening around Oranienstraße, but for him the most memorable one was when a thief flew into his shop.


Animation “When two dogs meet”: Veronica Solomon / bendpanic
Animation “Taking a shower”: Petra Stipetic / fishyfilms
Animation “The thief”: Maren Wiese / fishyfilms

Poster series

A vibrant series of posters featuring artwork by both our special guests and local Berlin artists decorated the walls, train stations and most creative areas of Berlin this year. Did you spot them all? Layout by Innocean Berlin as a part of the FAB2020 campaign: “In Berlin, only animation beats reality”.


Illustrations: Anete Melece, Lubone, Cyril Pedrosa, Robin Davey, Guilia Falciani, Sine Juhl, Anna Dokuchaeva, Emilia Zieser, Clara Schulze