FAB 2022


The sixth edition of FAB 2022 had it all: A whopping 117 animated films were presented on the big screen in City Kino Wedding in 5 competition screenings. A large colorful bouquet of further animated masterpieces was shown in the Focus On screenings and supporting programs.

This year FAB wanted to explore the phenomenon of animation collectives and thus invited members of the four international collectives Monströös (Berlin), Plastic Collective (Viborg), TOHU (Jerusalem) and COLA Animation (Lisbon) for an intercultural exchange. Other specials were focussing on Animation made in Ukraine, France and Beyond Mainland China. International guests included animation artist Raman Djafari – who designed the FAB2022 trailer – Izabela Plucinska, Yali Herbet, Alex Widdowson, Florian Adolph, Mykyta Lyskov, Jane Chung Hoffacker, Angela Poschet, Sandra Brandstätter, Špela Čadež and Jocie Juritz.

The third edition of the FAB Dimensional exhibition moved to the silent green Kulturquartier. And we can proudly say it got bigger, more colorful and more beautiful than ever before! This year‘s exhibition showed ten international artistic positions that used very different approaches to bring animation into the physical space, to initiate interaction with the audience and to invite everyone to marvel at the possibilities animation opens up.

The FAB2022 highlight video was produced by kamal-film.