Animated Commissions

Animated Commissions


Squid Pamphlets

The music video is a meditation on feeling unfit, unlovable, incompatible, and visualizes the manic anxiety and stress that results from this. It is also about emerging from this state of mind by embracing uncertainty, insecurity and otherness .

Raman Djafari
2021 Germany

I Want to Be the Ocean

A small community in the forest is flooded. The people of the city recite a poem and admit their doubts. A meandering film about identity, insecurity and the hope of escaping it.


Raman Djafari
2021 Germany

An Animation Journey

How does the process of animation work? To most people it seems to be mysterious and highly complex. And it actually is! The beautiful short film “An Animation Journey” explains the making of an animated film in a very charming and entertaining way – from the first sketch to the recording of sounds.


Ana Maria Angel
2020 Germany


Juan, don’t talk too much, otherwise you’ll become bald…


Natalia Ryss
2019 Canada
2D, Mixed Media


The clip conveys the clinical approach of a psychological practice. Mezamé is based on three main concepts: the emotional journey of the characters, the eye as a portal to the mind and the Zen rock garden as a visual metaphor for the human brain.


José Teixeira
2021 Portugal

So ist Brandenburg

​​30 years of Brandenburg – the animated film tells of the turbulent beginning, the search for solutions and the finding of new paths. He tells of enthusiasts and skeptics, those who stayed and who moved, of bridge builders and cat rescuers, of Brandenburg.


Philipp Seefeldt
2020 Germany
2D, Mixed Media

Jo Goes Hunting – Careful

On the borderless map of a magical planet, little beings pick, brush, weave, fish and collect elements from their natural environment to sustain their life as a group.


Alice Saey
2020 The Netherlands


Yasmin is exposed to negative social control in her family. She is subjected to constant surveillance, shame and punishment. One day she decides to escape from home, into uncertain and lone surroundings.


Julian Vargas, Bjørn Molstad
2021 Norway
Mixed Media


The aftermath of a head injury is lived, by those affected, as a true nightmare. Thanks to the invaluable work of all the professionals who work in the Sim-patía project, the patients regain all the autonomy of which they are capable of and together with their families they find a new balance.


Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado
2021 Spain

Lenparrot & Sarah Maison – Paladines

In a bar, where destinies cross, we witness a whirlwind of love passions, around the classic figure of the love triangle, but without ever really revealing the links between the three characters: He, She, The other.


Cyril Pedrosa
2020 France

Cystinosis – A Rare Disease

Cystinosis is a rare, genetically determined disease. Unfortunately, cystinosis often affects young children. This film was developed to encourage them to take their vital medication on a regular basis.


Tobias Knipf, Andreas Kronbeck
2020 Germany

The cello takes over

A virtuoso cellist eventually loses control.


Sjeng Schupp
2020 The Netherlands

Can the ocean run out of oxygen?

Get to know how a healthy marine ecosystem functions, and what creates the lethal conditions that lead to dead zones.


Mette Ilene Holmriis
2020 Germany

François Poitou – Le Silence de la rue

Clip produced for the release of François Poitou’s new album, “Le Sec et la Lune”.


Marie Opron
2020 France


Ideal Dating With Condom

Condoms are the only effective way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Emojis are an important element of the animation in this clip. By combining different emojis, different sexual practices are depicted to represent the fresh brand culture of Durex in this way. Want an ideal dating experience? – Then with condoms.


Pia Sun
2020 Germany

Biplane Model Kit

I’m sitting here with a girl, but she’s only in my head… and she wants me to fly her to the ocean – in a Biplane!


Tine Kluth
2020 UK
Stop Motion


A seagull and three individual fishermen try to cope and survive on stormy seas. But due to the resulting chaos, the fishermen come up with the idea to work together to be more successful. The fishermen make a net out of their fishing lines and throw it out to catch a big fish. The film describes the moment when the idea of a common Europe emerges. A Europe that is in its infancy.


Shadi Adib
2019 Germany
2D digital Animation


The figure, engaged in a game with everyday household chores, falls into a fleeting space of sleep, into a world falling apart, in which it tries to find at least something permanent.


Alexey Krupnik
2021 Russian Federation

Living with MS

A young girl dreams about being a famous gymnast. She trains hard and competes to reach her goals. One day she feels numbness in her hands, and she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This puts an end to her dream, but maybe she can mean something to someone else? Life doesn’t always turn out the way you wanted it to. Talk to your loved ones about how you are doing. It’s easier to go through this together.


Bjarne Anmarkrud
2020 Norway

Here and Loud

“Here and Loud” is the anthem of every young climate activist and those who yet want to become one. The colourful animated music video was created for Eric Wermke’s catchy song and illustrates serious facts about climate change in a humorous and charming way.


Rike Rothe
2021 Germany

kai – A little too much

In an imaginary space a woman lets go of herself and overcomes fearing her own greatness. She discovers her body, she embraces her emotions, and learns to own all the parts that make her HER.

Martina Scarpelli
2020 Italy