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Conversations with a Whale

“Conversations with a Whale”. In this love letter to artists, their art and its audience, one filmmaker is confronted with rejection after rejection until at last a beautiful fig tree bears sweet fruits. “Conversations with a Whale” was created directly under the camera lens, using various analogue animation techniques.

Anna Samo
2020 Germany
2D, Mixed Media

one last wish

One Last Wish

In this bittersweet animation, a lonely fisherman has to choose whether to fulfil the last wish his goldfish left him and become a killer, or use it to save a stranger’s life – but then lose the only thing that matters.


Galia Osmo
2020 Israel
Stop Motion

this is why

This is Why Girls Go to the Bathroom Together

This is the real reason why girls go to the bathroom together.


Lydia Reid
2020 UK


From Regina’s personal and visual memories, a tribute to her uncle Thomas, a humble man with a simple and anonymous life. This is an acknowledgment of how one does not have to be “somebody” to become exceptional in our life.


Regina Pessoa
2019 Portugal

In Nature

In nature, a couple is a male and a female, right? Well, not always! A couple is also a female and a female. Or a male and a male. You may not know it, but homosexuality isn’t just a human story.


Marcel Barelli
2021 Switzerland

Grimoire 9

The elegance of a Colombian necktie is an animated allegory of recent events in the world, in the shape of a faulty and strange videogame.


Javier Mauricio Fabregas
2018 Canada

10 000 Ugly Inkblots

Two artists who haven’t met for a while are going towards each other.


Dmitry Geller
2020 Russian Federation

The awakening of the insects

Hong Kong. Mr Lam is an old gentleman who has been gradually losing his memory since the death of his wife. On March 5, the day of “the awakening of the hibernating insects”, he receives the unexpected visit of old Ms. Meng. This Taoist exorcist is determined to chase the demons lodging in the head of the old man.


Stephanie Lansaque, Francois Leroy
2021 France

bye little block

Bye Little Block!

A young woman learns that soon she will have to move from the estate of prefabricated houses that she lives in. After receiving the upsetting news from the owner of her flat, she is overwhelmed with emotions. Her teardrop of farewell grows into a concrete monolith. When the drop hits the ground, a surreal panorama of the estate – which she used to call home – unfolds…


Éva Darabos
2020 Hungary

Vadim on a walk

At good last, Vadim ventures out of a tight square space which he is used to sitting in. He embraces the brave new world and his renewed life.


Sasha Svirsky
2021 Russian Federation
2D, 3D, Mixed Media