FAB Pitch!

FAB Pitching session!

Friday, 09/30/2022  •   3 – 5 p.m.
silent green Kulturquartier


All projects presented at the FAB Pitching Session 2022.

Igor Mortis

Sophia Schönborn (monströös), Katharina Russ

Format:  Series
Cat Crime, Horror, Comedy
Audience: True-Crime fans, cat lovers
Length: 10 episodes, 5-7 min

Two graveyard cats who can see ghosts seek revenge for those who have been killed and must eventually face a serial killer.

Cherry Bomb

Juli Tagger

Format: Feature
Genre: Coming of age
Audience: Young Adults

In the midst of a nervous breakdown Elena discovers a portal connected to another universe.

The Pit

Stav Levi (TOHU)

Format: Short Film
Genre: Drama, Suspense, Magical Realism
Audience: Teenagers, adults

Otto and Yana are a young couple whose home has been sucked by a black hole. To rebuild it they must venture into the darkness.


Ala Nunu (Cola Animation)

Format: Short Film
Audience: 13+

Legless birds of paradise, the great hamster cull and tardigrades on the moon. A story inspired by real events about the human strive for preservation through controlling the narrative.

Dungeon Police

Max Stoehr (Co-Creator), Tobias von Burkersroda (Co-Creator), Ilija Brunck (Producer), Woodblock

Format: Series
Crime, Comedy, Fantasy
Audience: Adults
Length: 8 episodes, 22 min

A Police Comedy Drama in a Fantasy World.

Uninvited Human

Gizem Güvendağ

Format: Short Film
Fantasy & Mystery
Audience: 14+
Length: 4:30 min

Humankind explores, climbs to the highest mountain, observes the most diminutive creature, and walks into the deepest forests without invitation. This time “Nature” gives a party and doesn’t invite human.

Arpinas Journey

Franziska Wulschke-Paczkowski, Giulia Falciani, Emilia Zieser

Format: Mini Series
Entertainment Science / Sci-Fi Animation
Audience: Young Adults (15-25 yrs)
Length: 10 episodes, 5-6 min

In search of herself, Arpina finds her home planet. But she is shocked about what she finds there. Her extraterrestrial friend Ay-Ree and she travel through space and time to find out what happened.


Irek Krett (xkopp creative)

Format: Series
Dark Comedy Sci-Fi Serie
Audience: Young Adults, 14+
Length: 10 episodes, 22-30 min

When wunderkind Zoe awakens in the future, she gets into trouble and must work together with her loser twin brother Adam in the present to get back, before she gets killed.

Behind the line

Fidan Akhundova

Format: Short Film
Drama with comedy elements
Audience: Teenagers, Young Adults
Length: 15 min

This story is about a Journey of self-reflection and awareness that two teenage girls from the warring countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan are going through.


Nils Knoblich

Format: Mini Series
Audience: Teenagers, Adults
Length: 10 episodes, 5-7 min

Young Siegfried prefers to play video games with his buddy Alberich instead of slaying dragons. And the princess is imprisoned by her parents, because she would rather slaughter dragons than eat cake and do her hair. Based on the Nibelungen saga.

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