Showcasing female animation directors from Sub-Saharan Africa

Programme curated by Ebele Okoye.

This Migrant Business

“This Migrant Business” was commissioned by the Danish Refugee Council. The film interrogates the commodification of migrants and refugees by human traffickers, and actively places the audience in the position of the smugglers.

Ng`endo Mukii
2015 Kenia, UK
Mixed Media

Three Teaspoons of Sugar

In a household where mealtimes are a delightful feast full of bonding, fellowship & good eating, three members of this tight knit family are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Three Teaspoons of Sugar chronicles their individual experiences living with diabetes – the highs, lows, defeats, victories and lessons. Inspired by real events and real people.


Kabelo “Cabblow” Maaka, Dr Tshepo P. Maaka
2019 South Africa
2D digital Animation

Scalp Deep

Hair and constructions of identity are often deeply intertwined. Influenced by the intersections of African hair, femininity and personal identity, “Scalp Deep” captures the struggles of a young African woman as she navigates the reactions and expectations of others after she decides to commit to a new look.


Naseeba Bagalaaliwo
2020 Uganda
2D digital Animation

I´m living in Ghana get me out of here

From being swindled by a immigration officer to fighting with a hairdresser. “I’m Living in Ghana Get Me Out Of HERE” are short stories about filmmakers’ experiences migrating from London to Ghana.


Comfort Arthur
2020 Ghana
2D digital Animation

Mr & Mrs Mantis

Mrs. Mantis is seated at a table in a dimly lit bar contemplating the events of the prior evening. Resolute, she finally decides that her guilt was entirely unfounded, considering the biological necessity of eating one’s mate during copulation. She reassures herself that, “It is simply a man’s role.” as doubt creeps into her tone – “Isn’t it?”.


Maya Kahanovitz
2021 South Africa
3D Animation

I am Chuma

I am Chuma explores the story of how a young black woman, having experienced numerous gender-based violence incidents studying at a business college in Cape Town, found herself homeless and living rough on a park bench for three years. 35 year-old Chuma Somdaka is a disabled, lesbian, isiXhosa woman, who unexpectedly finds her calling as an artist when, in order to survive, she responds to an inner voice and embarks on an empowering journey of awakening and healing, but meets new societal challenges in her yearning to be truly seen and remain connected to her inspired state.


Wendy Spinks, Clea Mallinson
2020 South Africa
Mixed Media

MARCAS DE AMOR (Una reflexión sobre la violencia doméstica)

A little girl, socialised into a culture of persisting acceptance of domestic violence, dreams big about her marriage.


Ebele Okoye
2017 Germany/Nigeria
2D digital Animation

The Legacy of Rubies

Mfalme, a young forest boy, is kidnapped and brought to the strange palace of Airegin, with the claim that he is the blood son of the dying King Obankosi and the chosen successor to the throne. Not just that, he is given a mandatory assignment which he has to fulfil before he can either accept or reject their offer. So, accompanied by the little palace boy with whom he struck up a friendship, he is forced on a journey he least reckoned with.


Ebele Okoye
2015 Nigeria/Germany/USA
2D digital Animation