Presented by MONSTRA – Lisbon Animation Film Festival

Programm curated by Fernando Galrito

Tale About The Cat And The Moon

A poem. A tale made of silence and complicity. Light and shadows, the charm of the night, the moon as a passion… This is a tale about someone who tried to make the dream come true, the tale about the cat and the moon.

Pedro Serrazina
1995 Portugal


It’s like soot that rests on the top of our skull. We can’t see it. It belongs there already.


Vasco Sá, David Doutel
2014 Portugal

A Tocadora

By mistake, she drinks the watercolour water and becomes a drawing. From there, the world of everyday life and the world of creation dance around a closet. Inside, every moment, every memory and every action become unique. As a book grows and becomes real, we follow the Playmaker in its creative process as an imagined course.


Joana Imaginário
2017 Portugal
Mixed Media

Várzea – Dislate de Pássaro

A film by José Xavier in memory of his master, based on a poem and music by Armando Servais Tiago.


José-Manuel Barata Xavier
2010 Portugal

A Shadow In The Soul

She passes by, he follows her. What is she doing at that hour? He loses her. Images of other meetings come to his memory. He finds her. The persecution continues, he’s more and more anguished.


Fernando Galrito, João Ramos
2005 Portugal

Wind’s Embrace

In a world where iron and land blend creating unexpected cities, the wind blows life among leaves in the eternal rebirth cycle. This is the wind’s embrace.


José Miguel Ribeiro
2004 Portugal
Stop Motion

My Life In Your Hands

A very well-known Portuguese bullfighter arrives in Spain. El Matador will execute a long awaited “faena”. His son, Pedrito, accompanies him on this trip. He dreams of becoming like his father one day. However, just before the bullfight starts, between the backstage hustle and bustle, Pedrito meets the bull that will be fought by his father. This moment will forever change the fate of all three characters.


Nuno Beato
2009 Portugal

Fado of a Grown Man

Sitting in a tavern, after having lunch with an old friend, a man remembers small stories of a childhood spent in a popular neighbourhood of Lisbon. At the sound of a surreal fado, played by António Zambujo and with original music by João Lucas, several scenes of the past seem to move the man, tormenting him with mixed emotions of grief and joy. Finally, the experience leaves him a bitter taste of no morality at all: it is impossible to grow without sacrificing innocence.


Pedro Brito
2012 Portugal

Drop by Drop

The last habitants of a village refuse to let themselves sink into oblivion. In a world where the idea of progress appears to be above all, this home floats.


Alexandra Ramires (Xá), Laura Gonçalves
2017 Portugal

Tragic Story With Happy Ending

Some people are different, against their will. All they wish is to be equal to the others, cheerfully mixing among the crowd. There are people who spend the rest of their lives fighting to achieve this, denying, or hiding their differences. Some, however, just accept how they are and rise up to find their place close to others… in their hearts…


Regina Pessoa
2005 Canada/Portugal/France