Trick for Teens from Russia

Tricks for Teens from Russia

Presented by Big Cartoon Festival Moscow

Programm curated by Dina Goder

Vivat Musketeers!

The world is on the verge of the abyss, there is no hope. But the serious men appear at this time, heroes without fear and reproach, real musketeers. Vivat musketeers!

Anton Dyakov
2017 Russian Federation
2D digital Animation


A story from the animation collection “Multi-Ditties”, issue № 2.


Konstantin Golubkov
2019 Russian Federation
2D Computer Graphics, Cut Out Animation

Alternative Walk

A walk in the park that defies rules.


Ivan Maximov
2017 Russian Federation

My Galactic Twin Galaction

Good and evil, utopia and dystopia, narrative and post narrative collide in a mortal battle for fun to the public.


Sasha Svisrsky
2020 Russian Federation
2D computer graphics

The Duck and the Kangaroo

A story of one infatuation.


Liza Skvortsova
2020 Russian Federation
2D hand drawn Animation

Hello, My Dears

An old lady loves and waits for her dear relatives. And relatives come. They are a bit strange, but only at first glance.


Alexander Vasiliev
2019 Russian Federation
2D hand drawn Animation

Three Sisters

Once upon a time three sisters lived, and it happened that they fell in love with one sailor. Based on a Montenegrin legend.


Svetlana Andranova
2019 Russian Federation
2D digital Animation

He Can’t Live Without Cosmos

This is a story about a mother and her only son. And also – about fate and destiny.


Konstantin Bronzit
2019 Russian Federation
2D hand drawn Animation

The Python and the Zookeeper

What kind of friends do you have? Most likely they are all humans. But one zoo guard became friends with a python. Because you can’t choose a friend. He will come when you need it most.


Anton Dyakov
2015 Russian Federation
2D hand drawn Animation