Trick for Kids from Slovenia

Tricks for Kids from Slovenia

Presented by Animateka Internationales Animationsfilmfestival

Programme curated by Igor Prassel

Egon Klobuk

Egon the Hat

A young boy named Egon expresses his feelings and emotions through his hat that consequently changes its colour and shape, which helps us guess Egon’s mood and anticipate reactions.

Igor Šinkovec
2012 Slovenia
2D digital Animation

Mulc: Frača

Kiddo: Slingshot

Thirteen-year old Kiddo lives in a small village at the foot of the Slovenian Alps. Every morning he and his best friend, Mr. Cat, ride a tricycle to a nearby hill, where a magnificent tree grows. In this tree there is hidden an old book, with plans for making different toys, which Kiddo has been dreaming of…


Kolja Saksida
2009 Slovenia
Stop Motion

eko binz

Three Eko Binz are trying to teach an old trash container how to separate waste. Of course he is reluctant to do so, but with a little help from a local boy called Ed, the final result is very funny.


Iztok H. Šuc
2013 Slovenia

Gospod Filodendron in jablana

Mr. Philodendron and the Apple Tree

Mr. Philodendron sits in front of his house on a pleasant sunny morning. He wants to have a glass of water but he sadly finds it empty. In his innocent way of seeing things he tries to catch the cloud to get some water, and instead crashes into the Apple Tree.


Grega Mastnak
2016 Slovenia

Princ Ki-Ki-Do: Zima

Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Winter Story

A harsh winter has set in in Ki-Ki-Do’s forest, and the kind-hearted pig Rozi is knitting warm clothes for the freezing animals. But the clothes are too big, too small, or simply unfitting, leaving the animals utterly helpless. In the ensuing chaos, only Prince Ki-Ki-Do is able to set things right.


Grega Mastnak
2017 Slovenia
2D digital Animation

Koyaa: Lajf je čist odbit

Koyaa: The Extraordinary

Koyaa tackles everyday situations in his own wacky way. In the morning, he wants to tie his shoes but the naughty laces won’t listen. Luckily, he’s not alone on the remote mountain ledge: when things start getting crazy, his friend the wise Raven is always ready to help.


Kolja Saksida
2011 Slovenia
Stop Motion

Koyaa: Roža

Koyaa: Flower

Another extraordinary day begins on the rocky ledge where Koyaa and his friend the Raven live. In the morning Koyaa is about to plant a beautiful flower, but somehow he grows a carnivorous plant instead. With Raven’s help Koyaa manages to subdue the green monster and dance the tango with her.


Kolja Saksida
2013 Slovenia
Stop Motion



A hungry weasel attacks a flock of birds living on a tree, the last one still standing upright. The birds in the canopy are trying to keep the tree in balance, while the weasel is persistently trying to climb up its trunk. Its persistence puts the tree’s fragile balance ever more at risk, and its growling stomach won’t let up until it is too late.


Timon Leder
2016 Slovenia
2D digital Animation


Tonight in the mansion, the children are home alone. They fearfully listen to the eldest sister’s awful tale: “In the night of a shining full moon, all children should be sound asleep in their beds, for when the clock strikes midnight, the time stands still. A sleepless child who does not stand still with the time, shall be eaten by their shadow…ALIVE!” Poor little Elsie can’t fall asleep, for her sister’s words are almost making her weep…


Larisa Nagode
2020 Slovenia
2D digital Animation