FAB Pitch

FAB Pitching Session

Freitag, 29. September 2023
15:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Friday, September 29, 2023
3:00 – 5:00 pm

silent green Kulturquartier | kleines Kino
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin


Sonia Estévez / Tik Tak Film Studio
Koop. Elk. Txikia de Iniciativa Social

Format: Short film
Technique: Stop Motion

We see a rhythmic succession of actions, situations and objects that provide different types of pleasure, all of them simple, so much so that it could be said that they are almost insignificant. The reasons why each of them is pleasant are different. The order of appearance, the relative position and the rhythm in which they follow one another tries to explore the very nature of those pleasures. These are appearances of pleasure, but in all of them, negatively or transversely, there is a reference to pain or, in some cases, simply an echo or a place for it.

Maya’s Song

Jayakrishnan Subramanian
Production: Franziska Schönenberger

Format: Short film
Genre: AnimaDok
Technique: Hybrid

Maya (15) never feels different in her family. However, when outsiders ask her about her “white parents” and the reason for her adoption, it gets under her skin. Maya can no longer remain silent about what it means to be asked the same questions over and over again. So she writes a song about it.


Tiago M. Araújo
Production: Mário Gajo de Carvalho

Format: Short film
Genre: Political, Underground, Fiction

The ruthless minotaur rules the labyrinthine metropolis, determined to serve his own narcissistic interests and humiliate its people – until the day the citizens decide to change the labyrinth they live in once and for all.


Alexey Platonov / Lastik Animation Studio
Script: Rinat Khusnutdinov

Format: Series
Genre: Comedy

George Ripley is a brilliant alchemist who’s almost uncovered the secret to creating the Philosopher’s Stone, which he desperately needs to bring back his family who died many years ago because of his own mistake. He’ll be hindered by a crazy king and his foolish whims, inner demons, and a wild world of medieval absurdity where the story takes place.


Sofia Kendel, Artem Moskalev
Script: Rinat Khusnutdinov

Format: Feature
Genre: Drama

The region of wild Northern woods, rivers and lakes with islands undergoes terrible climate changes. The old dam upstream is about to collapse threatening wild nature. Sophie, an adopted teenage girl, her brother Max and Jay, their cousin, have to embark on a secret voyage down the Northern river, hoping to save their careless parents from an impending flood. The place is full of myths. The drawings on the rocks reveal ancient legends. The Northern People once lived here but their language is all but forgotten. Through contact with wildlife, Sophie discovers powers that help her and her brothers to survive this hazardous journey and rescue people and animals around them.

Dog eat Dog

Daria Duseeva

Format: Series
Genre: black comedy-drama, crime
Technique: 2D

In a big city occurs a murder of an important society member. Two detectives starting to investigate it but they have their own reasons not to find real killer.

My Grandmother is a Skydiver

Polina Piddubna

Format: Short film
Genre: AnimaDok, Multilingual Poetry, Magic Realism, Drama
Technique: 2D

My grandmother plants Tulips in the garden while our city Kharkiv is constantly being bombed. She is complaining that the bees don’t pollinate her flowers, so there will be no fruits in summer.

Ich möcht fliegen

Monira Kamal

Format: Short film / Music film
Genre: drama
Technique: 2D & Liveaction

Traudl is nursing an injured bird. While the bird recovers, Traudl’s own health deteriorates. Both are called by freedom.

Memoria Collectiva

Cristina Colmenares
Script: Carolina Wiegering
Production: Qamaqi

Format: Short film
Genre: AnimaDok

A young Peruvian woman loses her husband due to political violence. In her search for justice she will not only overcome many obstacles but also become an example of courage.

Ioni the Caveman

Avi Kozkel, Dana Petrov, Avishai Simchovitch

Format: Series
Genre: Neolithic Comedy

Yoni, a vegetarian caveman and a serial parent disappointer, is exiled from his native clan and has to find a new home in a cannibal village, hopefully outside the grill. How far will he go to survive?