FAB Awards

FAB Awards

Well done, artists! Congratulations to all winners of the 7th Festival of Animation Berlin, Sept 29 – Oct 10 2023.


by Sander Joon

awarded with 1.000 Euro sponsored by bitteschön.tv, one Artist Pro 16 (Gen2) Tablet, sponsored by XPPen and one licence for Harmony Premium or Storyboard Pro, sponsored by Toon Boom.

Jury Statement:

Father-son (Father-daughter) relationships are not always easy. Sierra by Sander Joon tells us about these difficulties with great humor and sensitivity. The graphics and animation are very expressive and take us into this crazy car race with virtuosity. We were particularly sensitive to the different animation techniques used, going from 2D, to 3D and stop-motion. They all merge together accurately and emotionally to tell this story, which many of us can experience during childhood. Congratulations to Sander Joon for this beautiful film!



by Volker Schlecht

Jury Statement: Director Volker Schlecht takes us through the mysterious case of a tiny jewel like frog that disappears without a trace in the rainforest of Central America. The film’s focus on a targeted crime perpetrated by unknowing humans sheds a light on the monstrous layers, known and unknown, of impact we humans have on the unbalancing and destruction of global ecosystem. The animation is realistic, contained, minimal. Without being overly flashy, the short’s thought provoking message resonates more than films taking a general environmental approach. As a 2d animator, and the daughter of an environmentalist, I would like to personally thank and congratulate “The Wainting” team on their win! Extremely well deserved.


Rosemary A.D.
by Ethan Barrett

Jury Statement:
Depression is the most common experience of mental suffering amongst humans. Despite its mundanity it represents a threat to life. It is still rare to find representations of this nuance in film and television, especially ones that help us laugh at our fallibility. This is the kind of film that, if the right person watched it at the right time, it might save their life, and that’s’ pretty hard to beat. Congratulations Ethan.


by Nikita Diakur

awarded with 1.000 Euro, sponsored by AG Animationsfilm & Studio Sinnema and one Artist Pro 16 (Gen2) Tablet, sponsored by XPPen.

Jury Statement:

But who has never dreamed of doing a backflip in their life? Thanks to Nikita Diakur, we know how to do it ! Discovering the director’s entire process in the making of Backflip is absolutely exhilarating. The use of a 3D avatar inside the director’s own bedroom immerses us in an intimate and offbeat universe. Now, we all secretly dream of having an avatar in our image. Congratulations Nikita Diakur for this intimate virtual gym session!



by Jonatan Schwenk

Jury Statement:
We could talk about how Zoon feels both grand and intimate at the same time, how we can all likely relate both to the bright little creatures seeking to feel comfort and pleasure, and to the monstrous people who devour them in search of something similar. But mostly, Zoon is weird. I have to quiet the part of me that wants to know just how the hell it was made, so that I can enjoy its subtly of light, its precise animation, its beautiful, haunting sound design.
It’s hard to make something this strange and haunting, and that Zoon is all of these things is a testament to the immense talent of its crew. Congratulations to Jonatan and your whole team.


La SOupe de Franzy
by Ana Chubinidze

awarded with 1.000 Euro, sponsored by Animation Network Berlin, Soybloq Animation Studio & Woodblock, one Artist Pro 16 (Gen2) Tablet, sponsored by XPPen and one licence for Harmony Premium or Storyboard Pro, sponsored by Toon Boom.

Jury Statement:
We especially like that topics like cooking, space and friendship are covered. We love the funny characters, sounds and how the aliens talk. We like the fire of the rocket, it looks like cotton candy. The backgrounds look great and the materials the characters are made of are well chosen. The movie never gets boring, we feel like watching it endlessly.



by Sonja Rohleder

Jury Statement: The idea is great to make a movie to fall asleep or about dreams. The monkeys have funny noses. We like that the forest helps the monkey fall asleep. The movie looks beautiful overall. We also love the music.


The Pattern
by Péter Bogyó

awarded with 500 Euro, sponsored by Alumniverein Filmuniversität Babelsberg and one Artist Pro 16 (Gen2) Tablet, sponsored by XPPen.

Jury Statement:

The Pattern’s unique and memorable visual language creates a surreal world that the audience nonetheless embraces without question. The story’s abstract and overlapping narratives makes for a film that is not only completely visually enticing but leaves room for audience interpretation. Each viewer walks away with their personal take as to the true meaning of the flower. My sincere congratulations to Péter Bogyó and the Pattern team! Well deserved!



by Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling

awarded with 500 Euro, sponsored by XPPen.

Jury Statement:
Small Hours’ quiet vignettes of a life on earth, are like a supercut of the short, meditative moments we sometimes spot in longer films; moments for the viewer to breath, to see the world holistically outside of the characters and thus ourselves. It won’t change your life, but it does offer a break from it; a break from plot, from structure, from the inexorable march of time. It is a lovingly detailed vision of life, animated by two fresh, admirable talents.


by Vivien Hárshegy

Jury Statement:
We are complex creatures, none-more so than those gripped by new romance. This film weaves into the fleshy awkwardness of human sexuality, astute observations, and an unrelenting sense of humor. I remember being this overwhelmed by my body, heart, and mind, as I grappled with romantic counterparts. It’s quite an experience for a filmmaker to help you realize you weren’t alone. We all had to deal with this mess, and some of us are still in the thick of it. To those people I wish them good luck, and to Vivien, congratulations.


by Raman Djafari

awarded with one Artist Pro 16 (Gen2) Tablet, sponsored by XPPen.

Jury Statement:

Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. Lights, characters and motion together with the music make the viewer “feel” the narrative more than just simply watch it. It has the incredible merit to be able to depict an entire world within few minutes



by Meltem Şahin

Jury Statement:
“The PMS Project” earns its Special Mention for its outstanding qualities. Its diverse artistic collaboration, mixing animation techniques, educational value, and fearless approach to challenging taboos make it a standout work of animation. The project not only enlightens audiences about an important health issue but also encourages us to engage in open, empathetic conversations, ultimately contributing to a more informed and inclusive society. Well done to all artists involved.


Nummer 2
by Arthur Chaumay, Simon Duong Van Huyen

Jury Statement: “Nummer 2” is a compelling mixture of emotions and textures. Foreboding, sad, majestic and somehow hopeful, the film brings its audience to unique meditative state where we can reflect on our place as human beings in the natural world.


by José Miguel Ribeiro

awarded with one Artist Pro 16 (Gen2) Tablet, sponsored by XPPen and one licence for Harmony Premium or Storyboard Pro, sponsored by Toon Boom.


48h Challenge

awarded with 1.000 Euro, 600 Euro & 400 Euro, sponsored by Heinrich Böll Stiftung.



by Zsófi Sźenásy

Jury Statement:
The first prize goes to a poetic and romantic film that weaves the narrative and images delicately together. The jury appreciates the refreshing use of symbolic drawings and transitions that carry the audience through a thread of dreamy scenarios and emotions. Congratulations to 20/20 by Zsófi Sźenásy.


by Monja Dietrich, Mona Keil, Arne Hain, Vincent Suttner

Jury Statement: We are invited into a multi-faceted animated utopia in which nothing could be more idyllic. And yet, in a pointed narrative style, we are made aware that sometimes we just need our home. The second place winners are Monja Dietrich, Mona Keil, Arne Hain, Vincent Suttner with their film Schlaveinieverse.


by Harry Bhalerao, Margarita Gehl

Jury Statement: This film convinced us with its solid storytelling and its joyous, charming visuals. It grabs us by the hand and leads us through a pleasant and adoarble universe where happiness always appears to wait just around the corner. The third price goes to Bananamania by Harry Bhalerao and Margarita Gehl!


The Bus Stop
by Miriam Pedrozo

Jury Statement: With impressive clarity we are invited into the observations of a narrator whose reflections unearth the poetry in a seemingly mundane city street scenery. Subverting the subject matter of this challenge in a beautiful way, this film feels as light as it is profund. Our special mention goes to The Bus Stop by Miriam Pedrozo.