FAB Dimensional

FAB Dimensional

Animation Expanded

In the third edition of the exhibition series „FAB Dimensional“, we present animation art outside the cinema, beyond the clearly limited and familiar framework of linear films.

The medium of animated film per se offers many interfaces to other artistic media such as sculpture, game or installation in its production process and approach. This year‘s exhibition shows ten international artistic positions that use very different approaches to bring animation into the physical space, to initiate interaction with the audience and to invite everyone to marvel at the possibilities animation opens up.

The exhibition was curated and organised by Lea Brugnoli and Lukas Thiele.

Artists & Overview  |  Presented Works  |  Opening Hours & Information

Artists & Overview

1. Philipp Artus (DE) • Aquatics
2. BetweenTwoHands (NL) • Ecognosis
3. Sumito Sakakibara (JP) • Iizuna Fair
4. Ari Dykier (PL) • U3
5. Amrei Keul & Simone Elliott (DE) • Urban Bodies – Human Spaces
6. Jelena Milunovic (SRB/DE) • Float
7. Monströös & Chaos Bunnies (DE) • Hare to find yourself
8. Motomichi Nakamura (JP/USA) • Lines
9. Maarten Isaäk de Heer (NL/DE) • SWARM
10. TOHU Collective (ISR) • Tohu & Vohu
A Exquisite Corpse Station
B Praxinoskop Ausstellung

Presented Works



Germany 2022 • video projectors, tablet, computer, software, speakers


An underwater habitat full of maritime life. Lively, colourful and constantly in motion and change. One stands in front of it, contemplating and shaping at the same time. With his interactive installation „Aquatics“, Philipp Artus enables us to participate in a collective creative process. Using a tablet interface, virtual sea creatures can be created in a modular system. Finally, they are released into the virtual aquarium in the form of a huge wall projection.
As soon as the person has created his or her own virtual creature and released it into the aquarium, it will escape his control and take on a life of its own. It joins together with the other sea creatures to form a shoal, reacts to its surroundings, is nervous or calm, depending on what it was given on its way in the design process.
Little by little, the virtual habitat fills up with individuals and swarms, jellyfi sh-like creatures with long tentacles, fish or small, plankton-like aquatic animals.

Philipp Artus deals with nature and its formal language in his artistic works. The work „Aquatics“ is a long-term project that will be evaluated in the form of a short fi lm in addition to the interactive application. Here, the artist works autonomously in all areas of development, programming and production: multidisciplinary and with enthusiasm for research and experimentation.

more about Philipp Artus



Netherlands 2021 • objects, video projectors, laptop, speakers


In his book Dark Ecology, the American philosopher and publisher Timothy Morton argues that ecological awareness in the present Anthropocene era takes the form of a strange loop or Möbius strip, twisted to have only one side. Ecological awareness takes this shape because ecological phenomena have a loop form that is also fundamental to the structure of how things are. The interactive installation by the artistic duo BetweenTwoHands, takes its name from a term Morton used to describe his theory: Ecognosis. The word indicates the idea that everything is connected and there is no real distinction between nature, technology and human beings: All belongs together and influences each other. In the installation it is shown how the natural world of plants will take over the artifi cial world created by humans when humanity will become extinct. Models of houses and vehicles are invaded by nature animations, completely drawn by hand or made from cardboard and clay. Plants, insects and microbes are projected onto 3D paper models through the technique of video mapping.
The animations react to the visitors. For example, when the visitors approach, things disappear, or when the visitor makes noise, the insects flee away. The installation visualizes how humans affect nature and helps to imagine what a world without humans would look like. The book The World Without Us by American writer and journalist Alan Weisman has also been an inspiration source for Ecognosis. Weisman describes how different places in the world are being overgrown by nature once people are no longer there.

The artistic duo BetweenTwoHands is composed of visual artists Erin Tjin A Ton, from the Netherlands, and Gosia Kaczmarek, from Poland. Since 2015, they have been creating theatrical and visual installations.

more about BetweenTwoHands

photo: Eddy Wenting



Japan 2021 • video projectors, canvas, media players, headphones


It is the middle of the night. But one doesn‘t notice that at first, because the scenery one are looking at in „Iizuna Fair“ is full of movements and processes. Near and far, large and small are mixed in this animated painting, and everything is constantly in motion. A fair is taking place, a person is chopping wood, a car has crashed, a child is playing with blocks. In an 11-minute loop, the work explores the inner and outer landscape of the artist, who lives at the foot of the Iizuna massif in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Sakakibara seeks to represent complex time zones that coexist synchronously and spontaneously in his large-scale scroll painting (Jap. „Engi-Emaki“).
Each individual element of the painting is interconnected and transforms into each other, creating a multiple succession of the individual in an overall dynamic. A „Synchronic Recipro-inclusive Zone“ (SRZ) is created where the nature of the element is one. Yet the fi gures in the fi lm, which contain the properties Reci – after – and Pro – before – appear synchronous, making this a logically impossible image. The idea and treatment of time in „Iizuna Fair“ is based on Klein‘s bottle (1881, Felix Klein), in which inside and outside cannot be distinguished. The SRZ described appears only in a dynamic and in circular repetition, overturning our notions of hierarchy, boundary, time and space. What we see is a non-time zone.

Sumito Sakakibara made this work as a commission for the Nagano Art Museum.

more about Sumito Sakakibara



Poland 2021 • 3 prints, AR application


Dykier’s digital works are characterised by using techniques of collage and vintage black and white illustrations. With his animations he recreates an oneiric mood, leading the audience into a surrealistic
world. The symbolism in his images invites the viewer on a personal journey. The visual artist takes inspiration from various sources such as dreams, fairy tales, films, paintings, etc.
In the work ‚U3‘, consisting of three printed images, each picture hides a video animation, a walk through a world waiting to be discovered. The public is free to experience it thanks to augmented reality.

Ari Dykier is a Polish artist and self-taught animator with a successful career as a filmmaker. He usually creates audio visual live performances as well as 360° mappings and AR installations. He created performances with live music in cooperation with various musicians such as the baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori or the contemporary flutist Ewa Liebche. Dykier performed at various festivals around the world, like SP Urban Digital Festival in São Paulo, Visual Brasil in Barcelona, Jerusalem Light Festival 2019, Vj Competition in Moscow in 2019 and Zsolnay Light Festival 2022 in Hungary.

more about Ari Dykier



Germany 2022 • video projectors, media player, speakers


Cities are only conceivable with people – mere urban architecture would not be a city as such, but a mere shell, an inanimate body. In her intermedial project „Urban Bodies – Human Spaces“, curator Amrei Keul explores the interaction and dependence of people and the city together with dancer and choreographer Simone Elliott. Four experimental short films encounter – literally – a human body and its impulses and mobility. The films embrace the dancer, who in turn allows herself to be surrounded by the images, interpreting them, expressing them and dancing in the projections. This dance engagement with the film and the
sound level, but also with the space surrounding it, opens up new perspectives on our human role in urban space.

The performance has already been realised at various locations and is always adapted to the architectural conditions on site – for example as a performance in the super+CENTERCOURT, a retail shop used as an art space in Munich. „Urban Bodies – Human Spaces“ took place there in the building – in the shop window – while the viewers were on the street, in urban space. The project was developed in the course of a traineeship by Amrei Keul at Platform München.

Live performances with Simone Elliott in the exhibition:
Thu, Sept. 29, 2022  |   8 p.m.
Sat, Oct. 1, 2022  |   5 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 2, 2022  |  2 p.m.
A recording of the dance performance will be on view during the exhibition.

Railment by Shunsaku Hayashi
4min15 au révélateur  by Moïa Jobin-Paré
Dawn by Yukao Nagemi (Video) and Mihail Afanasiev (Music)
Sculpt the Motion by Devis Venturelli



Germany 2021 • ceramics, AR application


Float tells the artist‘s personal story of dealing with sudden mental health problems in a close family member. The term „floating“ is used as a metaphor for breaking away from society and behaving outside the accepted social norm. Her work is inspired by personal experiences and memories of these events. The work is an augmented reality installation that combines animation, sculpture, narrative and sound. Jelena Milunovic takes us on an intimate journey by mixing and overlaying the reality of a psychic and virtual world.

The starting point for the visual and spatial design of the stations was the Kübler-Ross curve, introduced by the Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. The model describes the stages of grief through emotions: Shock, Rejection, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Since the model can be applied to any dramatic, life-changing situation, it was only used as a basis. The original phases were replaced with ones that better fi t the artist‘s personal experience. Change (rupture of personality), rejection (clash with society), isolation (hospitalisation), transition (blending of realities) and recovery (acceptance) were chosen. The installation follows the shape of the original Kübler-Ross curve by using exhibition stands of different heights, each containing a different scene. In this way, the spatial composition of the installation is also used as a storytelling device.

FLOAT bridges the physical, material world of sculpture and the metaphysical, fluctuating world of animation. Animation and sound extend the sculptures on the virtual plane, so that each station only
acquires its full meaning through the use of augmented reality. This juxtaposition of the visible and the hidden reflects our psychological and mental reality, which influences our lives but is not visible to the naked eye.

more about Jelena Milunovic



Berlin 2022 • dioramas, AR application


The ache, the pain, of growing old,
Like your bones delayed to stretch,
And your mind, that doesn’t know,
How to stop wandering away.

After long, pandemic months of introspection and under the impression of an increased level of anxiety, the artists felt the need for some sort of outlet or help. Inspired by the artistic work of Jelena Milunovic they developed a series of five dioramas, each the size of a small box. The dioramas are very simple on the inside and appear graphic; from the outside they are tumorous and colourful. Only through the AR app does the inside of the box also become colourful and lively. The overall theme of HARE TO FIND YOURSELF is a human (rabbit) life, the experience of growing up and the things most of us go through in one way or another. The works can be experienced in a self-selected order and so the stories can also be discovered in different ways. Was the crisis before the party? Or did meditation on top of the mountain lead to drug-induced
euphoria? All paths are possible.

The installation was developed for the Festival of Animation 2022.

more about Studio Monströös



USA 2022 • print on textile, metal structure, AR application


What is hidden behind the black and white, monotonous striped pattern that faces the visitor like a fence element? Only the view through a smartphone app expands reality and shows what remained hidden to the naked eye. In simple, graphic language and almost meditatively, something is looking back here. The rigid pattern breaks open and becomes alive, acquires its own character, interacts.

Motomichi Nakamura, born in Japan, has lived in New York for many years. Extremely versatil, he works as an artist and animator exclusively with the colours black, white and red and a clear, graphic language of forms. He uses a wide variety of artistic media. For instance, Motomichi works a lot outdoors with façade projections and projections on found objects, be it urban architecture, cacti in the desert or silos used for agricultural purposes in New Mexico. His music video for „We share our
mother‘s health“ (2006, music: „The Knife“) or his film „Okami“ (2019) testify to the high artistic quality and prove how versatile one can be with the limited colour space. His interest in cryptozoology, which deals with creatures whose existence has not been proven, is evident in the many monsters and mysterious animals that appear in his films.

„Lines“ was developed and conceived for the FAB Dimensional exhibition.

more about Motomichi Nakamura



Germany 2022 • 360° video projector, projection sphere, speakers


A swarm of birds migrates from Berlin across the Alps. In Maarten Isaäk de Heer‘s 360° installation, the camera constantly follows the swarm and never loses sight of the birds. As you watch, you automatically become part of them, moving with the swarm over desolate landscapes and dystopian, industrial-looking cities after taking off and gathering over Berlin. It remains unclear at first what entices the birds to gather and begin their journey. Tits, sparrows and robins are not normally known as migratory birds. Here, however, they migrate south in large numbers. The place they are drawn to has apparently already been abandoned by humans, has become inhospitable. Rising sea levels as a result of climate change have made the lagoon city uninhabitable. Nature is reclaiming its habitat here. Now it is becoming clear what prompted the birds to make their journey.

Berlin-based Dutch artist Maarten Isaäk de Heer has created the world and the inhabitants of his film from aerial shots and photos. On the aesthetic level, he deliberately plays with the glitches and inaccuracies that came with the photogrammetry process he developed himself. The exhibition presentation in a dome projection and the finely tuned sound design intensify the experience and ensure that you connect with the birds and finally arrive in Venice yourself after about 15 minutes.

more about Maarten Isaäk de Heer



Israel 2020 • prints, tripods, AR application


An impressive heptagon, almost two meters high, is the starting point of the installation TOHU & VOHU. Seven poster-sized prints with illustrations, collages and drawings can be circled here and initially viewed as one-dimensional works of art. If you now look through the lens of a smartphone camera via AR application at one of the prints on the outside of the cylindrical structure, the illustrations are brought to life by the software. They change, elements leave their ancestral place and move on, to the next image. Everything is in flux, merging, connecting. This visual round dance was conceived and animated by members of the TOHU collective from Jerusalem. They set up and showed this collective work for the fi rst time at Outline Festival 2020 Jerusalem. The setup and animation of TOHU&VOHU are emblematic of the work of a collective: forming a whole together without losing oneself as an individual. Being a collective also means responding to the other members, taking up ideas and allowing criticism. And last but not least, to give something of one‘s own artistic perspective to the others, trusting that something good will come out of it.

more about Tohu Collective

Exquisite Corpse Station

Germany 2022 • video projectors, tablet


Our Exquisite Corpse project with character building blocks from invited artists invites you to create your own favorite character through a
projection and photograph yourself with it. There are thousands of possible combinations!

With character designs by:
Zohar Divir, Marie Zillgens, Yali Herbet, Qianhui Yu, Pia Graf, MiasZK, Keely “Poi” Majewski, Joe Taylor, Alice Bloomfield, Anne Görgner, Honey Parast, Cristina Pirvu, foodie, IMUNE, Yool_N, Ala Nunu, @o.g_parshedona, Raman Djafari, Robert Wallace, Rosangela de Araujo, Agiss Yo, Shalev Ben Elya, Ljubisa Djukic, Tamar Odenheimer, Benedikt Luft, Luca Zarantonello, Stav Levi

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Praxinoscope Exhibition

Germany 2022 • praxinoscopes


One of the oldest forms of animation, the rotating praxinoscope with its mirror facets, invites you to pause in various shop windows in Berlin in the weeks leading up to FAB 2022. Animation artists Neda Ahmadi and Elisa Grand have organized the window display exhibition and created
several animated loops that can also be seen at the exhibition during the festival weekend.

Opening Hours & Information

Opening Hours

Thu, Sept 29, 2022  |  7 – 10 p.m. Opening
Fri, Sept 30, 2022  |  11 a.m. –10 p.m.
Sat, Oct. 1, 2022  |  11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sun, Oct 2, 2022  |  11 a.m. – 8 p.m.



silent green Kulturquartier
10405 Berlin


On Thursday, 29 September, we cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition from 7 – 10 p.m.

Location Maps

U6 • S41, 42 • BUS 147: Wedding
BUS 247, M27: Nettelbeckplatz
BUS 120: Gerichtstraße
approx. 350m walking distance

U6 • BUS 120, 142, 147, 221, 247: Leopoldplatz
approx. 650m walking distance

If you are travelling by car, you
should do so via Müllerstraße.

Liveperformance: Urban Bodies – Human Spaces

As part of the work Urban Bodies – Human Spaces, we invite you to a live performance (Simone Elliott) on three days which impressively brings together animated videos and dance.

Thu, Sept. 29, 2022  |  8 p.m.
Sat, Oct. 1, 2022  |  5 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 2, 2022  |  2 p.m.


If you would like to visit the exhibition with a
wheelchair or if you need assistance, please let us know at the festival counter in the entrance area!